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Learning Resources for Beginners


Resources for Getting Started Building Your Data Science Skillset

Here is a list of resources designed to help you learn data science fundamentals–programming languages, common tooling, and general concepts. You can find material to study from and groups to study with.

The list will be updated on an ongoing basis with suggestions from the community. Please help your peers learn by sharing (email link) your recommendations for this list!

Scripting and Programming Languages


R / RStudio

Bash / Shell Scripting / UNIX/Linux Command Line


Data Visualization

Study Groups and Special Interest Groups

  • Cloud 4 Bio, led by DCEG’s Jonas de Almeida - weekly hackathon on Cloud Services and Web Applications for Cancer Research
  • NIH Data Science Slack group
  • Bioinformatics Training and Education Program message board

HPC and Batch Computing

General Tutorials and Overviews

We now have licenses available for the Biostar Handbook and!

NIH Listservs

Note: You must register for an account before subscribing to these.

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