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The NCI Community Hub will be retiring in May 2024. For more information please visit the NCIHub Retirement Page:
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  • Created 08 Sep 2021
Getting Started


How Does it Work? 4 Easy Steps

  1. Register for the Data Science Learning Exchange. Optional: Watch the recordingof the Kick-off Webinar

  2. Look through the list of Learning Resources (beginnerintermediate/advanced) and Collaboration Tools for more information.

  3. Interact with other data science learners, starting with the Data Science Learning Exchange collaboration hub on Microsoft Teams.

  4. Find your chosen topic(s) in the Learning Exchange Microsoft Team. Look for the channel(s) that correspond to your interests.

  5. Learn and engage in dialogue with others in your channel(s) whenever you need help or have tips to share!

Tips for Participating in the Learning Exchange

  • Data Science is a broad and diverse topic. Like any other skill you learn, it takes a lot of independent study, dedication, and practice.

  • You may want to start by creating a learning path to better understand what data science is. Join the Introduction to Data Science channel to engage with others and if you’re not sure where to start, others with more experience can guide you.

  • Once you understand the basics, you can decide how to gain the foundational skills that are important to you. Then you might explore a programming language like R or Python.

  • As you begin learning, you will find there are many other people learning the same topics (both in and outside of NCI). The Data Science Learning Exchange provides a “brain trust” of peers to share resources, tips, and best practices.

  • By sharing what you already know – in study groups, discussions, tutorials or remote webinars – not only can your peers learn from you, but their real-world experience may give you new insights to help you find solutions for challenges you have been struggling with.

  • Whether you are just beginning or have been learning for a while, you are in a good position to help others!

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