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Collaboration Tools


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the collaboration hub for the NCI Data Science Learning Exchange. These teams are the place to go for mutual support from others in your topic area.

Here you will find a “channel” for each study group so you can chat and share information and resources.

See the short tutorial about how to get started with Microsoft Teams.


  • Join Webex sessions created by others by simply clicking on a link.
  • Request a Host Account so you can host meetings.
  • Create your own Webex personal room.


  • Use Jabber, NCI’s instant messaging and collaboration tool.

Email Listservs

Listservs allow you to participate in group discussions over email. A listserv can be configured to maintain a searchable archive of past emails. Note that once created, anyone in NIH (not just NCI) can request to join.

  • Sign up for an NIH Listserv account.
  • Create a listserv for a new study group.

Other Tools

Other popular tools for collaboration among data scientists include:

NOTE: Be sure to treat exchange of data as you would with any other collaboation. Do not share protected data.

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