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  • Created 08 Sep 2021

The video recording is now available.

This workshop provided an overview and introduction for beginners across NCI in three areas:

  1. Introduction of Fundamental Cancer Data Science: concepts, capabilities, and the “why” behind cancer data science – high-level overview.
  2. Applications of Data Science in Cancer Research: The use of predictive models and analytics is growing in the cancer research community. These new techniques provide significant insight and understanding of cancer as a disease, allow researchers to use vast amounts of diverse cancer-related data to build predictive models, and inform clinical treatment options that provide effective treatment for individual cancer patients. This session will highlight some leading examples of biomedical data science applications used in cancer research, such as bioinformatics analysis, image processing, and machine learning
  3. Training Resources currently available to NCI staff

Workshop Sessions:
Session 1: What Does NCI’s Cancer Data Science Lab Do? Dr. Alejandro Schäffer, PhD, CCR

Session 2: Applications of Data Science in Cancer Research

Session 3: Wrap-Up: Cancer Data Science Training Resources and Upcoming Events

Date:               Thursday, January 24, 2019

Alejandro Schäffer, PhD
Vishal Koparde, PhD  
Yifan Peng, PhD
Qingyu Chen, PhD
Gianluca Pegoraro, PhD

Questions? Contact the NCI Data Science Learning Exchange

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