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2020 Virtual Posters



The Bachelor (Collaborator) - A Statistician’s Tale Video

  • Paul Marjoram, University of Southern California 

Short Videos to Promote Collaborative Opportunities in CIViC Video

  • Obi Griffith, Washington University

A Statistical Framework to Systematically Characterize Cancer Driver Mutations in Noncoding Genomic Regions Video

  • Eliezer Van Allen, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Personal Ad for UCSC Xena Video

  • Mary Goldman, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

Bioinformatics Technology to Characterize Tumor Infiltrating Immune Repertoires Video

  • Li Song, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Open CRAVAT: Key Features and Opportunities for Collaboration Video

  • Kym Pagel, Johns Hopkins University

Integration of Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps and the GenePattern Notebook Environment Video

  • Bradley Broom, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Computational Plugins for Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps Video

  • Bradley Broom, MD Anderson Cancer Center

OncoMX: A Knowledgebase of Cancer Biomarkers that Enables Searches of Unified Cancer Mutation and Expression Video

  • Amanda Bell, The George Washington University

Cloud Accelerated Cancer Genomics with AnVIL and Bioconductor: Introduction Video

  • Vincent Carey, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Bioconductor Meets GA4GH: Cloud-Scale Cancer Genomics with Standardized Workflow Processing Video

  • Vincent Carey, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Harvesting 29000 cancer-related non-TCGA transcriptomes using Bioconductor and HDF Cloud Video

  • Vincent Carey, Brigham and Women's Hospital

GenePattern Notebook 2020 Update Video

  • Michael Reich, UC San Diego

cBio Portal Video

  • Ethan Cerami, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 

A Galaxy-Based Multi-Omic Informatics Hub for Cancer Researcher Video

  • Tim Griffin, University of Minnesota

Globus Integration with MEV Video

  • Brian Lawney, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Leveraging WebMvE Backend for Single Cell RNASeq Analysis Video

  • Yaoyu E. Wang, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

IGV Short Demonstration: Sharing Interactive Views with the IGV-Web Application Video

  • Helga Thorvaldsdottir, Broad Institute

IGV Short Demonstration: Viewing evidence of alternative splicing in RNA-seq data with IGV's Sashimi Plot Video

  • Helga Thorvaldsdottir, Broad Institute

Gene Set Enrichment Visualizations and Radial Plots Video

  • Helga Thorvaldsdottir, Broad Institute

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis and Single Cell Data Video 

  • Alex Wenzel, UC San Diego

TumorDecon Video

  • Leili Shahriyari, University of Massachusetts Amherst

CNVpytor: A Python extension of CNVnator Video

  • Alexej Abyzov, Mayo Clinic

Cistrome Explorer: Web-based Interactive Visualization Tool for Exploring Epigenomics Data with Associated Metadata Video

  • Mark Keller, Harvard Medical School

AMARETTO-Hub: A Knowledge Graph Platform Embedding AMARETTO Tools for Multimodal and Multiscale Network BioMedicine Video

  • Nathalie Pochet, Broad Institute

Toolkit for Annotating Mutations in the 3D Cancer Genome Video

  • Kai Tan, University of Pennsylvania

TCPA: An Integrated Bioinformatics Resource for Cancer Functional Proteomics Data Video

  • Han Liang, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Analyzing Single Cell RNA-seq Data with the Single Cell Toolkit Video

  • Evan Johnson, Boston University 

The CoAssayExperiment for Managing Multi-Level -omics Data Video

  • Evan Johnson, Boston University 

Removing Batch Effects in Single Cell RNA-seq Data Using ComBat-Seq Video

  • Evan Johnson, Boston University 

Alignment Viewer 2.0 for Viewing Multiple Sequence Alignments Video

  • Nicholas Gauthier and Chris Sander, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Method Comparison and Selection for microRNA-seq Depth Normalization: An Update Video

  • Li-Xuan Qin, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Trinity Transcriptome Assembly for Genetic and Functional Analysis of Cancer Video

  • Aviv Regev and Christophe Georgescu, Broad Institute

Multi-modal cancer genome visualizations in JBrowse 2 Poster Demo

  • Ian Holmes, University of California, Berkeley



KiNet: A Novel Imaging Informatics Tool for Assessment of Ki67 Labeling Index Video

  • Fuyong Xing, University of Colorado

Image Based Dosimetry from 90Y PET Using GATE: A Comparison Between Total-Body PET EXPLORER and Conventional PET Imaging Video  

  • Gustavo Costa, UC Davis

XCIST: X-ray-based Cancer Imaging Simulation Toolkit Video

  • Mingye Wu, GE Research

The TOPAS Tool for Particle Simulation, a Monte Carlo Simulation Tool for Physics, Biology and Clinical Research Video

  • José Ramos-Méndez, UCSF

A Multi-resolution Model for Histopathology Image Classification and Localization Video

  • Jiayun Li, UCLA

A Unified Machine Learning Package for Cancer Diagnosis Video

  • Meredith (Wenjun) Wu, University of Washington

AI Assisted Pathology: A Tour of caMicroscope's Machine Learning Functionality Video

  • Ryan Birmingham, Emory University

Tools to Analyze Morphology and Spatially Mapped Molecular Data: Quantitative Imaging for Pathology (QuIP) Software Platform Slides

  • Tahsin Kurc, Stony Brook University

STAN-CT: Standardize and Normalize CT Images Video

  • Md Selim, University of Kentucky

Federated Deep Learning Among Multiple Institutions for Automated Classification of Breast Density Video

  • Ken Chang, Massachusetts General Hospital

The Federated Tumor Segmentation (FeTS) Platform: Intro Video

  • Spyridon Bakas, University of Pennsylvania

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Deep Learning Based Segmentation and Radiomic Feature Extraction Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Interactive Machine Learning Based Segmentation Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Radiogenomics in Brain Tumors Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Breast Parenchymal Pattern Characterization - LIBRA Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Breast Radiomics Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Predicting Overall and Progression-Free Survival in Glioblastoma Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Predicting Glioblastoma Recurrence Location Video

Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): Distinguishing True- from Pseudo-Progression in Glioblastoma Video

  • Spyridon Bakas, University of Pennsylvania

AI for Prostate: Detection and Grading of Prostate Cancer on Multiparametric MRI Video

  • Karthik Sarma, UCLA

Quick Annotator: A Tool for Rapidly Annotating Digital Pathology Images Video

  • Andrew Janowczyk, Case Western Reserve University

Prism - PathDB - Management of Pathology Images and FeatureMaps Slides

  • Erich Bremer, Stony Brook University

PRISM Architecture Fundamentals Video

  • Lawrence Tarbox, Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

PRISM Semantic Integration and Datascope Visual Exploration of Clinical Data in TCIA Lung Cancer Collections Video

  • Jonathan Bona, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Nan Li, Emory University

Preliminary MRI-Based Cellularity Predictions Indicate Abnormal Pathology in Brain Cancer Patients at Autopsy Video

  • Samuel Bobholz, Medical College of Wisconsin

Multiplex Histology Registration Toolkit Video

  • Michael Brehler, Medical College of Wisconsin

Developing Quality Ground Truth for Machine-Learning Algorithms in Pathology Video

  • Mohamed Amgad,  Emory University

OHIF Viewer: An Extensible Open-Source Framework for Building Web-Based Imaging Applications to Support Cancer Research Video

  • Gordon Harris, Harvard Medical School

Dataset Management in XNAT for Machine Learning Video

  • Will Horton, Washington University in St. Louis

Model Training in XNAT with integrated NVIDIA Clara and TensorBoard Video

  • Matt Kelsey, Washington University in St. Louis

Creating Millions of Synthetic DICOM Records for Testing Video

  • Charlie Moore, Washington University in St. Louis

Pixel Anonymization on Upload using the XNAT Desktop App Video

  • Stephen Moore, Washington University in St. Louis

Envisioning a DICOMweb Interface with XNAT Data Video

  • David Maffitt, Washington University in St. Louis

PIIP: Intro to Sedeen - A Freely Available Pathology Viewer Video

  • Dan Hosseinzadeh, Pathcore


Medical Informatics

EMERSE Import Tool Video

  • David Hanauer, University of Michigan

The HemOnc Regimen Browser Video

  • Jeremy Warner, Vanderbilt University

Genetic counseling at scale using EHR-integrated Chatbot technology Video

  • Rick Bradshaw, University of Utah

An Expanded NLP Schema for Improved Cancer Risk Assessment of Family Health History (FHH) Video

  • Keaton Morgan & Jianlin Shi, University of Utah

Identifying and Managing Patients Who Meet Evidence-Based Criteria for Genetic Evaluation of Familial Cancer Using the FHIR Data Standard Video

  • Rick Bradshaw, University of Utah

Functional Precision Oncology for Cancer Treatment Selection Video

  • Xiaomeng Huang, University of Utah

An Introduction to the Globus Research Data Management Service Video

  • Ian Foster, University of Chicago

Globus: The Platform for Research Data Applications and Services Video

  • Ian Foster, University of Chicago

MoldelHub.AI: Dissemination Platform for Deep Learning Models Video

  • Ahmed Hosny, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 

Federated Analysis of Health and Genomics Data Video

  • James Casaletto, UCSC

Patient-Derived Tumor Xenograft (PDX) Finder Video

  • Nathalie Conte, EBI

Connecting Galaxy with the Cancer Research Data Commons Video

  • Jeremy Goecks, Oregon Health & Science University



Graphic Rendering of Data in Your ITCR Web Tool Video

  • Rudi Pillich, UC San Diego

Unifying and Comparing Multiple Kinase-substrate Prediction Networks for Reference Human Phosphoproteome Video

  • Bingjie Xue, Benjamin Jordan, Saqib Rizvi and Kristen Naegle, University of Virginia

TransPRECISE: Personalized Network Modeling of the Pan-Cancer Patient and Cell Line Interactome Video

  • Min Jin Ha, MD Anderson Cancer Center


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