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ITCR Annual Meeting 2022

NCI ITCR (Hybrid) Annual Meeting 2022

September 12 – 15, 2022
Eric P. Newman Education Center (EPNEC)
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Meeting Agenda    Twitter #ITCR2022, #NCIITCR, @NCIDataSci

Pre-Meeting - Monday, September 12
Imaging Data Commons (IDC) Workshop

Day 1 - Tuesday, September 12

Welcome Introduction: Dr.Kooresh Shoghi, Juli Klemm and Timothy Eberlein
Opening Keynote: “Leveraging the Tumor Stroma to Enhance Immunotherapy” Slides
Sheila Stewart, Washington University School of Medicine  
Theme 1: Deep Learning Technologies in Computational Imaging
STAN-CT: Standardization and Normalization of CT images for Lung Cancer Patients Slides
Jin Chen
The Federated Tumor Segmentation (FeTS) platform: An Intuitive Tool Facilitating Secure Multi-Institutional Collaboration  Slides
Spyridon Bakas
Distributed Learning of Deep Learning Models for Cancer Research  Slides
Daniel Rubin and Jayshree Kalpathy-Craner
Moderator: Daniel Marcus
Theme 2: Multi-Modal Data Integration
Integrative Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis of Cancer Using Long Read Sequencing Slides
Michael Schatz
Informatics for Functional Integration of Heterogeneous Cancer Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing Data  Slides
Vakul Mohanty and Yukun Tan
Enhance UCSC Xena: Extend Interactive Visualization to Ultra-Large-Scale Multi-omics Data and Intergrate with Analysis Resources  Slides
Jing Chun Zhu
PROTEAN-CR: Proteomics Toolkit for Ensemble Analysis in Cancer Research  Slides
Lydia Kavraki
Moderator: Juli Klemm
Theme 3: Cancer Genomics Analysis Platforms
GenePattern and GenePattern Notebook: Integrative Omic Analysis for Cancer Research  Slides
Michael Reich
Advanced Development of the Cancer Dependency Map Portal (  Slides
Mike Burger
The integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) for Cancer Research  Slides
James Robinson
Overture: A Multi-Scale Data Platform for Cancer Genomics Research  Slides
Christina Yung
Moderator: Obi Griffith
Theme 4: Co-Clinical Data Portals
Advancing Method Benchmarking and Data Sharing Through Crowd-Sourced Competitions in Cancer Research  Slides
James Eddy
Advancing Our Understanding of Cancer and the Human Microbiome with QIIME2  Slides
Greg Caporaso
Patient Derived Cancer Model (PDCM) Finder  Slides
Zina Perova
Development of an Open-Source Preclinical Imaging Informatics Platform for Cancer Research  Slides
Andrew Lassiter
Moderator: Kooresh Shoghi
ITCR Training Network (ITN) Overview  Slides
Lightning Talks:
  1. Ujjwal Baid  Slides
  2. Hyemin Um/Thomas DeSilvio  Slides
  3. Intekhab Hossain  Slides
  4. Jeremy Goecks  Slides
  5. Alexander T. Wenzel  Slides
  6. Ino de Bruijn  Slides
Day 2 - Wednesday, September 14
Welcome Introduction: Jo Kenney by Dr. Richard Wahl  Slides
Theme 5: Medical Informatics
Semi-supervised Algorithms for Risk Assessment with Noisy HER Data  Slides
Chuan Hong
Optimizing the Population Representatives of Older Adults in Cancer Trials  Slides
Yi Guo
Extraction of Symptom Burden from Clinical Narratives of Cancer Patients using Natural Language Processing  Slides
Meliha Yetisgen
Cancer Deep Phenotype Extraction from Electronic Medical Records  Slides
Harry Hochheiser
Moderator: Harry Hochheiser
Theme 6: Computational Genomics
Cancer-specific Gene Set Testing Slides
Robert Frost
Utilizing Bayesian Modeling to Improve Mutational Signature Inference in Large-Scale Datasets  Slides
Joshua Campbell
Advanced Development of Lancet, an Emerging Tool for Complex Variant Calling in Cancer Genomics  Slides
Giuseppe Narzisi
Software and Algorithms for Elucidting the Structure, Function, and Evolution of Extrachromosomal DNA Slides
Vineet Bafna
Moderator: Jeremy Goecks
Theme 7: Pharmacology and Liquid DNA
Data-Driven QSP Software for Personalized Colon Cancer Treatment Slides
Leili Shahriyari
An Informatics Bridge Over the Valley of Death for Cancer Phase I Trial of Drug-Combination Therapies Slides
Lang Li
cfSNV: A Software Tool for the Sensitive Detection of Somatic Mutations from Cell-Free DNA  Slides
Wenyuan Li
Predicting Transcriptional Signatures and Tumor Subtypes from Circulating Tumor DNA Slides
Gavin Ha
Moderator: Lydia Kavraki
Theme 8: Single Cell and Spatial Genomics
Identifying Molecular Signatures of Tumor-Immune Interactions from Spatial Transcriptomics Using Latent Space Factorizations  Slides
Atul Deshpande
Inferring Cell State Tumor Microenvironment Maps by Integrating Single-Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Slides
Itai Yanai
Informatics Tools to Analyze and Model Whole Slide Image Data at the Single Cell Level  Slides
Guanghua Xiao
scDECO: A Novel Statistical Framework to Identify Differential Co-Expression Gene Combinations Systematically Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Slides
Yen-Yi Ho
Moderator: Jennifer Beane
Theme 9: ImmunoOncology
Informatics Tools for Identification, Prioritization and Clinical Application of Neoantigens  Slides
Malachi Griffith
Curve-Free Phase I/II Clinical Trial Designs for Molecularly Targeted Agents and Immunotherapy Slides
Yong Zang
Computational Approaches to Unravel Immune Receptor Sequencing for Cancer Immunotherapy  Slides
Li Zhang
The Cancer Epitope Database and Analysis Resource Slides
Bjoern Peters
Moderator: Malachi Griffith 
Lightning Talks #2:
  1. Huiming Xia  Slides
  2. Alexander Getka  Slides
  3. Han Liang  Slides
  4. Guilherme De Fiol  Slides
  5. Brian Neal  Slides
  6. Bassel Ghaddar  Slides
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