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Sustainability and Industry Partnership WG

  • Whitepaper from Phase I of the WG available on arXiv

Meeting Agendas and Notes

SIP WG 2.20.20

  • Scikit-learn, Gael Varoquaux Notes

SIP WG 1.31.20

SIP WG 1.21.20

  • OsiriX: Osman Ratib, University of Geneva Notes

SIP WG 1.8.20

SIP WG 12.16.19

  • Genentech Interview Notes

SIP WG 12.13.19

  • Bruce Fischl Interview Notes

SIP WG 11.13.19

  • Kitware Interview Notes

SIP WG 10.15.19

  • Nick Bryan Interview Notes

SIP WG  09.11.19

  • Planning for meetings with industrial partners Notes

SIP WG Agenda 05.29.19

  • Leadership of WG
  • Whitepaper next steps

SIP WG Agenda 04.20.19

  •  Review compiled SIP WG documents
  •  Next steps for white paper

SIP WG Agenda 03.28.19

  • Use Case Reviews
  • Additional WG discussions

SIP WG Agenda 03.12.19

  • Use Case Assignments
  • 1st Paper Responsibilities

SIP WG Agenda 02.25.19

  • Review Votes Cast for Top Open Source Projects
  • Review SIP WG Goals
  • Review the Abstract for the 1st Paper

SIP WG Agenda 02.11.19

  • Review of SIP WG Documents
  • Discussion of Work Product Rankings and Path Forward

Meeting Minutes

SIP WG Meeting Minutes 04.25.19

SIP WG Meeting Minutes 03.28.19

SIP WG Meeting Minutes 03.12.19

SIP WG Meeting Minutes 02.25.19

SIP WG Meeting Minutes 02.11.19



  • Finalized Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Finalized White Papers
  • Approved Drafts of Use Cases
  • Communications to the ITCR Community

Draft Concept Document

Work Products


Presentations from ITCR Meetings

New ITCR Working Group Proposal: Sustainability and Industry Partnership WG Slides

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