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This special page shows all the new pages of this wiki. By default the newest pages are shown at top of the list.

↓ Date Title Creator Edit summary
HTT Data Collection Interactive Victor Garcia
Presentation 2023: SPIE Medical Imaging - Elfer Katherine N Elfer
HTT Data Collection Training Brandon D. Gallas
HTT Data Collection Training Pivotal Study CME Victor Garcia
Presentation 2022: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium - Garcia Victor Garcia
Presentation 2022 JSM: Exploring Pathologist Agreement Brandon D. Gallas
Presentation 2022: FDA OCE Webinar - Validating Models in Digital Pathology: Overview of HTT Project - Gallas Brandon D. Gallas
Presentation 2022: Pathology Innovation Collaborative Community Webinar - ROC and MRMC Tutorials - Gallas Brandon D. Gallas
Manuscripts 2022 Journal of Medical Imaging Katherine N Elfer
HTT update 20220531 Katherine N Elfer
HTT update Current Brandon D. Gallas
Presentation 2022: American Association for Cancer Research Katherine N Elfer
Manuscript 2021 Journal of Pathology Informatics Victor Garcia
Presentation 2022: Pathology Informatics Summit - Training Materials Victor Garcia
Presentation 2021: Tour of HTT Data Victor Garcia
Presentation 2019: A Collaborative Project to Produce Regulatory Grade Pathologist Annotations Katherine N Elfer
HTT update 20220126 Katherine N Elfer
HTT - Contacts Brandon D. Gallas
Medical Device Development Tools Brandon D. Gallas
HTT - How To Get Involved Brandon D. Gallas