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HTT Data Collection Training

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Pivotal Study Requirements

I. CME Course

  • Complete the continuing medical education (CME) course.
    1. Create an account in the FDA CE portal
    2. Click on “Online Learning” tab
    3. Scroll down to our course: “Assessment of Stromal Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes”
      • You can also use the search function on the “Online Learning” page to search for “Assessment”..

Mirror of the CME course

II. Interactive Training

  • After completion of the CME course materials, you must complete the Proficiency Test on the sTILs assessment to continue with the Pivotal Study
    • Instructions will be provided in response from Brandon Gallas to your CME completion certificate.
  • Link to the Interactive Training can be found here
  • After completion of the Proficiency Test, email Brandon Gallas (, so your annotations can be assessed.

~Archived~ Pilot Study Training Materials

  • The training materials from our pilot study have been archived here for reference.

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