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HTT Data Collection Training

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Pivotal Study


Pilot Study

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II. Interactive portion

After completing the Knowledge-based portion of this course, participants are invited to complete the Interactive portion.

  • Refer to the process guide for instructions on creating a precisionFDA account and accessing caMicroscope: Process guide to come
  • Refer to the process guide for instructions on using PathPresenter: Process guide to come

1. Required Viewing

2. (Optional) sTILs Reference Document

  • Participants are invited to read the provided document to better understand the sTILs assessment and the cases in this course.
  • This document’s materials were designed specifically for an ROI-based approach to the sTILs assessment.
  • (file:sTIL_reference_document_combined-20221026.pdf not found)
  • 3. Training Test with Feedback

    4. Proficiency Test

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