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LBL ICBP50 integrative genomic data

By Joe Gray1, Jonathan Bistline2

1. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2. Broad Institute



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From Joe Gray, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  There are seventeen (17) files in this study:

  1. Affymetrix U133A gene expression data (icbp_u133a.gct)

  2. Affymetrix U133A gene expression data (

  3. Affymetrix splice junction exon-exon data (

  4. Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 ST exon array data (

  5. Affymetrix SNP 6.0 data (

  6. MAGE-TAB Sample Annotation junction array scan (lbnl_breastcancercelllines_junctionarray_mage-tab.txt)

  7. MAGE-TAB Sample Annotation exon array scan (lbnl_breastcancercelllines_exonarray_mage-tab.txt)

  8. MAGE-TAB Sample Annotation SNP6 scan (lbnl_breastcancercelllines_snp6_mage-tab.txt)

  9. MAGE-TAB Sample Annotation U133 gene expression scan (lbnl_breastcancercelllines_u133a_mage-tab.txt)

  10. Combined Sample Annotation (icbp_snp6_sampleannotation.txt)
    Mapping between expression, junction, exon, and SNP scan names

  11. GISTIC Results (Amp_genes.txt)

  12. GISTIC Results (Del_genes.txt)

  13. GISTIC Results (alf.txt)

  14. GISTIC Results (all_lesions_file.txt)

  15. GISTIC Results (scores.gistic.txt)

  16. GISTIC Results (marker.txt)

  17. GISTIC Results (081708-all-samples-names-DNAcopy-output.txt)

These datasets have been exported from the Broad Institute's ICBP Data & Analysis Portal.

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  • Joe Gray; Jonathan Bistline (2014), "LBL ICBP50 integrative genomic data,"

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