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November 08th, 2019

Topic: Dockerising PathOS: A high volume reporting platform for NGS variants

Presenter: Dr.Ken Doig, Head Clinical Informatics Lab, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia





Clinical diagnostics is being transformed by DNA sequencing technology capable of analysing patient samples at the nucleotide level. Translating the data from this technology into clinically useful information requires decision support software that can analyse data from sequencers and allow clinical scientists to interpret the DNA variations. PathOS is a web application allowing the high volume clinical reporting of variants from a sample of patient DNA. The PathOS application has been containerised and made available for deployment on any host running Docker and can be accessed here This talk gives a brief overview of the application and the considerations that need to be addressed when containerising a complex clinical application. We also briefly cover Anomaly: an Annotation as a Service containerised micro service which is used by PathOS for annotating variants with genes, transcripts, consequences and their clinical impact.

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