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Topic: The Cancer Genomics Cloud powered by Seven Bridges: a secure and scalable cloud-based platform to access, share and analyze multi-omics datasets

Presenter: Sai Lakshmi Subramanian,Program Manager, Cancer Genomics Cloud, Seven Bridges

Abstract: The Cancer Genomics Cloud powered by Seven Bridges (CGC) is a NCI-funded cloud resource that provides a unified platform for cancer data analysis by co-localizing three components within the cloud: 1) large cancer datasets including TCGA, CPTAC and several others from CRDC data nodes; 2) >500 bioinformatics tools and best-practice workflows for analyzing multi-omics data; and 3) the computational capabilities to do large-scale analyses. The user-friendly portal of CGC allows the researchers to browse, query and filter datasets of interest and also bring their own data for collaborative analysis in the context of other publicly available data. In addition to the simplicity of data access and management, the CGC provides the flexibility to bring private tools, and the ability to complete reproducible and interactive analyses, all with the speed of cloud computing resources without needing any cloud provider accounts or managed billing. Using the power of Connected Cloud Storage, datasets residing in Amazon or Google Cloud can be easily attached as volumes. Interactive analysis of data can be performed using RStudio, along with Jupyter notebooks and is tailored to maximize user experience (including billing controls, flexibility, etc). With a keen focus on interoperability, the CGC has implemented services to support the technical standards recommended by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). Altogether, these added features enable a network of findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) datasets, workflows, and services towards making cancer data analysis faster, and more easily available for all. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the features available in the CGC for optimizing analysis costs on the cloud and also showcase new workflows for proteomics analysis.

Presentation and Recording

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