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Benchmark dataset for validating computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of blood flow through FDA Nozzle and FDA blood pump / Computational benchmark#2 (Pump) /

Pump Citations

by Prasanna Hariharan

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References Using the Pump data

Others are building on this work. Here is a list of references by others using the Pump Model (that we are aware of as of 03/242017). If you have published or presented a study using this model (or know of one not listed below), please let us know.

1. Heck, M. L., Yen, A., Snyder, T. A., O’Rear, E. A. and Papavassiliou, D. V. (2017), Flow-Field Simulations and Hemolysis Estimates for the Food and Drug Administration Critical Path Initiative Centrifugal Blood Pump. Artificial Organs. doi:10.1111/aor.12837

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