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  1. How to tell a story with Data​

    The fact is that data is worth a lot of money. Hence it is fair to say “With Great data, comes great responsibility!” “Nothing kills a presentation faster than reading off a deck of slides​” Ask...

  2. Presentation:Gallas20180909_ECP

    Title: Evaluating Computational Pathology at the US FDA and Related Research Author: Brandon D. Gallas Abstract: The FDA has been evaluating and regulating computer algorithms that process...

  3. Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot TCGA 2015 symposium workshop presentation

    23 May 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Deniz Kural

    Basic and translational cancer research creates the need to disseminate, manage, and interpret large heterogeneous datasets. The volume and complexity of the data now routinely generated by high-throughput technologies has become too costly for individual laboratories and many research...