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    Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

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    National Laboratory

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    Keeping current in subject matter

  • Biography
    I go by the name Ravi. I work for the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR; Leidos Biomedical Research Inc.), at Frederick, MD. I am also an adjunct faculty (Computer Science & Biology) in Hood College (Frederick, MD) since 2010 and teach bioinformatics.

    Research Interests: Use of Next-Generation Sequencing data for predictive variant pathogenicity; Exploring receptor structural features to understand drug toxicity; Using homology modeling and docking to identify common binding modes and their impact on signaling pathways; Biological data modeling as applied to infectious diseases and cancer

    Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP; since Feb 2018)

    Experiences: Two decades of working in Linux OS environment; Compile/install and test codes in Linux compute cluster environment; Write scripts (C-Shell) for creating bioinformatics pipeline frameworks; Extensive experience in setting up complex Portable Batch Systems (PBS) batch job scripts for long multi-step molecular/data modeling jobs and analysis. Modern Fortran and R programmer (GitHub link); Avid user of R/RStudio for biocomputing and teaching.

    Personal Interests: Life-long learning (Completed more than 50 online classes); Scientific Journal Reviewing; Scientific writing/communication; Mentoring/Teaching/Public speaking; Blogging in thought provoking topics with the goal of breaking silos and reaching out to different communities within Frederick National lab/Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.; Long-term goal is to use Project Management concepts to help manage large-scale disease-centered/health care oriented Research projects from inception to successful completion.

    My co-authored publications can be found here,

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