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Interactive Workshop Hosted by NIH.AI and NVIDIA

Date: October 19, 2021

Recording: Next to every presentation.

Meeting Description:

Hosted by NIH.AI and NVIDIA, this highly interactive, three-hour workshop will offer opportunities to share the latest updates in applying machine learning in medical image analysis and ongoing activities across the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  NVIDIA specialists will deliver targeted presentations and NIH and Fellows will deliver lighting talks about their work. It will offer plenty of time for open discussion among peers and across disciplines.

The workshop will be hosted on Webex. Registration: NOT required. 

Meeting goals:

  • Increase awareness across the NIH community on available deep learning techniques for medical image analysis and ongoing efforts
  • Foster collaboration among meeting attendees



1:00 - 1:05 pm        Introduction  + Workshop  Objectives


Presentations from NVIDIA :

1:05 - 1:35 pm           Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: State of the Arts Models in Biomedical Images
                                  Jesse Tetreault, M.S.
                                  Solution Architect, NVIDIA
                                  Presentation: Here
                                  Recording: Here


1:40 - 2:20 pm          Instruments at Hand: Tools and Frameworks for AI Practitioners: Power of Computation, MONAI, NVIDIA Clara
                                  Jesse Tetreault, M.S.
                                  Solution Architect, NVIDIA
                                  Recording: Here, starting 44:00


Lighting Talks from NIH Investigators

2:30 - 2:40 pm          NCI Imaging Data Commons
                                  Keyvan Farahani, Ph.D.
                                  Program Director, National Cancer Institute, Center for Biomedical Information and Information Technology (CBIIT) Biomedical Imaging Informatics
                                  Presentation: Here
                                  Recording: Here
2:40 - 2:50 pm          Recent AI applications in the NCI CCR Artificial Intelligence Resource
                                   Stephanie Harmon, Ph.D.
                                   Staff Scientist, NCI Molecular Imaging Branch

2:50 - 3:00 pm          Strategies to Mine Lymph Nodes from Incompletely Annotated PACS Data  
                                  Tejas Mathai, Ph.D.
                                  Imaging Biomarkers and Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Lab, NIH Clinical Center
                                  Recording: Here

3:00 - 3:10 pm           Break

3:10 - 3:20 pm          AI for Imaging Metabolic Disorders
                                  Nader S. Metwalli, Ph.D.
                                  Staff Scientist in the NIH Biomedical and Metabolic Imaging branch (BMIB),
                                  National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
                                  Presentation: Here
                                  Recording: Here, starting 14:00

3:20 - 3:30 pm          Volume Electron Microscopy: Advances and Challenges in DL-based Segmentation
                                  Kedar Narayan , Ph.D.
                                  Sr Scientist & Group Leader, Center for Molecular Microscopy
                                  Frederick National Laboratory, National Cancer Institute, NIH
                                  Resource for the community: CEM500K, an unlabeled electron microscopy dataset for DL applications
                                  Presentation: Here
                                  Recording: Here

3:30 - 3:40 pm          Enhancing Fluorescence Microscopy with Computation
                                  Hari Shroff, Ph.D.
                                  Senior Investigator and Chief, Laboratory of High Resolution Optical Imaging,
                                  National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)
                                  Presentation: Here
                                  Recording: Here

3:40 - 4:00          Guided Discussion


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