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The NCI Community Hub will be retiring in May 2024. For more information please visit the NCIHub Retirement Page:
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  • Created 10 May 2023

Retirement Timeline

Starting on September 15th Hub features will gradually be disabled over the coming months as we prepare to shut down the Hub.  We advise communities to begin winding down the creation of new content to streamline your migration to other platforms.


  • November 9th: Courses, Resources and Tools
    • The creation of new Resources and Tools will be disabled. Existing content will still be accessible to users.0
    • Existing courses will still be accessible however new sessions cannot be created.


  • February 16th: Blogs, Collections, and Events
    • The creation and access of Blogs, Collections, and Events will be disabled.
    • Any existing content will no longer be accessible by users.
    • Please be sure to export all needed content from the site before February 16th.


  • March 1st: Publication, Group, and Project
    • The creation of new Publications, Groups, and Projects will be disabled. 
    • All existing content will remain accessible to users.


  • May 17th: Hub Retirement
    • On March 1st NCI Community Hub will be shut down and no longer accessible to all users.
    • Please be sure to export all needed content from the site before May 17th.


  Support Contact

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to submit a ticket here or email us at

You also can post any comments or questions on our forums page

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