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ICTBioMed Platform – Background and Rationale

ICTBioMed aims to identify, adapt and integrate the wide range of globally available informatics tools to deliver a comprehensive ecosystem in which useful tools can be easily exploited by cancer researchers. The ICTBioMed vision (Figure 1) implies very broad distribution of the components deployed for use by a widespread community, therefore requiring high quality network connections. Global connectivity will be delivered through international networking initiatives to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). This will allow hardware and software infrastructures and data repositories distributed across the globe to interconnect. Such an environment also requires adequate mechanisms for ensuring secure access to data and infrastructure with the use of advanced interaction and visualization tools. Major functions to be delivered by the ICTBioMed Platform environment include global network connectivity, hardware and software infrastructure, biomedical data, security, and user access and interaction tools.


Figure 1: ICTBioMed Platform vision

ICTBioMed Platform: Key Components

The key components of the ICTBioMed Platform presented in Figure. 2 will enable active collaboration between cancer researchers and informatics experts and developers, and support proactive communication and dissemination of information on successful PoC projects, infrastructures, and tools to external users, researchers, and beneficiaries. The central element provides a testing environment for cancer researchers, informatics experts, and developers to experience and interact with emerging technologies and related software tools at an early stage of development. The infrastructure can be used to integrate existing technologies, and will enable proof of concept project developers to perform tests and demos.



Figure 2: ICTBiomed platform within the global cancer research ecosystem









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