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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #37

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Andrey Fedorov

Markup options for wiki

Is there any plan to support alternative formatting options for wiki?

In our project that we are considering to migrate to an NCIP Hub community, we have wiki pages created using Markdown. It is somewhat cumbersome to transcode them into the Hub formatting rules. Would be great if several options existed. As an example, github wiki supports Markdown, Mediawiki, Rdoc and several other formatting options.

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  1. Lisa Mahoney


    Thank you for submitting a wish to NCIP Hub. This wish has been forwarded to the HUBzero open source development team for consideration. There is currently no timeline for completion of Hubzero's review nor a guarantee that the Hubzero team will accept the wish, however this wish will be updated when a status update has been received. If you have questions, please leave a comment for the NCIP Hub administrators.

    Thank you,

    NCIP Hub Administrators

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  2. Thomas Bryant

    My colleagues and I are having problems with relative path names in wiki. Is there a way to avoid this and just use the absolute wiki path name (not an external link)? A Google Street View snapshot

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