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Brandon D. Gallas

Absolute wiki path names (not full url)

My colleagues and I are having problems with relative path names in wiki. Is there a way to avoid this and just use the absolute wiki path name (not an external link)?

For example, I want to make a hyperlink from

A working link that I can create is
[Color/SpectralResponseMeasurementOfLeicaScanner Spectral response measurements of Leica Scanner - Allen Olson]
However, this isn't making sense to us novices. We would prefer a link that is absolute in terms of our wiki, for example

Any suggestions?

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  1. Thomas Bryant

    In our project that we are considering to migrate to an NCIP Hub community, we have wiki pages created using Markdown. It is somewhat cumbersome to transcode them into the Hub formatting rules. soundcloud downloader

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  2. Garrett Powers

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  3. yen pham

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