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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #248

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Andrey Fedorov

Add a feature to allow mentions of community members in forum discussions

For example, in github I can do @&amp;amp;amp;lt;user login&amp;amp;amp;gt;, and this will email notification to the user with the content of my discussion post, and will also automatically add that user to the watch list of the discussion. (see as an example).

This is a basic function available in pretty much all social/collaborative tools I know of: Google Drive, github, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter 

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  1. Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

    Thank you for submitting a wish to NCIP Hub. 

    The use case of the wish is certainly valid and makes sense in the forums at the overall community level ( ; At the group level, the discussion posts are currently targeted to all members in the group. Targeted/selective notifications within a group is valid as well although it needs to be carefully developed to support various scenarios based on the users access levels especially if they are not members of the group where the discussion post appears.

    This wish has been forwarded to the HUBzero open source development team for consideration. There is currently no timeline for completion of HUBzero’s review nor a guarantee that the HUBzero team will accept the wish, however the status of this wish will be updated when a response is received. If you have questions, please leave a comment for the NCIP Hub administrators.

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  2. Anonymous

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