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1 == Presentations are available now (OMF meeting Nov 9,2016) ==
2 ''(click the presenter name to view or download the presentation)''
4 * [ '''0-Atul Butte'''](Moderator); Introducing the R01 Teams
5 * [ '''1-Emily Poulin/Kevin Haigis''']; Modeling K-Ras genetic heterogeneity in mouse models
6 * 2-Michael Shen; Analysis of drug response in organoids and mouse models
7 * [ '''3-Monte Winslow''']; A quantitative multiplexed platform for the pharmacogenomic analysis of lung cancer
8 * [ '''4-Eric Holland''']; Using genetically engineered models of brain tumors to develop therapeutic nanoparticles and biomaterials
9 * [ '''5-Marcus Bosenberg''']; Congenic mouse models of melanoma for the characterization of tumor immune response
10 * [ '''6-Kathleen Cho'''];Credentialing ovarian cancer models in the context of the dualistic pathway paradigm
11 * [ '''7-Edgar Engleman''']; Applicability of mouse breast cancer models to tumor-immune network investigation
12 * [ '''8-Sara Meyer/Lee Grimes''']; A rapid spontaneous murine model of cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia
13 * 9-Constantine Mitsiades; Humanized bone marrow-like model to study patient-derived myeloma xenografts
14 * [ '''10-David Gutmann''']; Leveraging genetically-engineered mice to optimize pediatric glioma management
15 * [ '''11-Charles Perou''']; Credentialing mouse models for immune system therapy research
16 * [ '''12-Luke Dow/Scott Lowe''']; A scalable platform for target validation in GEMM models of gastrointestinal malignancies
17 * [ '''13-Charles Perou''']; Mouse models of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer for therapeutic testing
18 * 14-Raghu Kalluri; Employing mouse models to translate early detection of pancreas cancer
19 * [ '''15-Katarina Politi''']; Targeting the immune system in mouse models of lung adenocarcinoma
20 * 16-William Murphy; Enhancing translational therapeutics utilizing biologically, immunologically, and metabolically relevant models of breast cancer
21 * [ '''17-Jennifer Barton''']; Validating a mouse model of ovarian cancer for early detection through imaging
22 * [ '''18-Karolina Palucka''']; Humanized mouse models to dissect in vivo the interplay between melanoma and the immune system
23 * [ '''19-Jeff Wiser''']; How to enter data sets into the Immunology Portal (ImmPort) database
24 * [ '''20-Dvir Aran''']; Studying the Tumor Microenvironment with Big Data
25 * [ '''21-Bin Chen''']; Relating tumor samples and cell lines to make more precise therapeutic prediction
26 * 22-Ted Goldstein #(Moderator); Open Discussion on Topics from Forum PI
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