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Benchmark dataset for validating computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of blood flow through FDA Nozzle and FDA blood pump / Computational benchmark#2 (Pump) /

Pump Data

by Prasanna Hariharan

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All dataset is stored in .xls format. The excel worksheet has velocity magnitude data and the corresponding X/Y/Z coordinates for each 2D plane. The X/Y/Z coordinates should match with the CAD and CFD geometry coordinates. The PIV data is posted in the table below for the following six flow conditions

Condition 1:  2.5 lpm and 2500 rpm              Condition 2:  2.5 lpm and 3500 rpm       

Condition 3:   4.5 lpm and 3500 rpm             Condition 4:  6.0 lpm and 2500 rpm

Condition 5:   6.0 lpm and 3500 rpm             Condition 6:  7.0 lpm and 3500 rpm

Blade Passage (First quadrant) CS2.png

Condition 1 Condition 2

Condition 3 Condition 4

Condition 5 Condition 6
Blade Passage (Second quadrant) CS3.png

Condition 1 Condition 2

Condition 4 Condition 5

Condition 6
Cutwater region figure_cutwater.bmp

Condition 5
Diffuser region sample_figure_diffuser.bmp

Condition 1 Condition 2

Condition 4Condition 5

Condition 6

Please contact if you have trouble accessing the dataset 


Please cite the following articles while using the data from this site in your publications

1. Hariharan et al. Inter-Laboratory Characterization of the Velocity Field in the FDA Blood Pump Model Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), CVET Journal 2018,
2. Malinauskas et al. FDA Benchmark Medical Device Flow Models for CFD Validation, ASAIO Journal, 2017, DOI: 10.1097/MAT.0000000000000499
3. Ponnaluri et al. Comparison of Interlaboratory CFD Simulations of the FDA Benchmark Blood Pump Model, ASAIO Journal, doi: 10.1097/01.mat.0000840776.68172.99

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