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  1. Kopal Sharma

    Hi, my name is Kopal Sharma. I am currently pursuing BTech in Data Science from NMIMS Mumbai, India. I will be graduating in the year 2022 and my current CGPA is 3.95/4 (which is equivalent to 9.88...

  2. Do You Know What Does It Take To Become A Healthcare Data Scientist?

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    First we need to know what Data Science is? Data Science is nothing short of magic and a data scientist is a magician who performs tricks with the data in his hat. Now, as magic is composed of...

  3. Amber Simpson

    Amber Simpson, PhD is a computer scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) specializing in medical image analysis and computer-aided surgery. She received a PhD in computer science from Queen’s...

  4. Marta Jankowska

    I am a health geographer in the Qualcomm Institute at UCSD focusing on the integration of sensor data (GPS, accelerometer, photographic) with other health data types (omics, microbiome, biomarker,...

  5. Madhusmita Behera

  6. Martin Skarzynski

    Martin Skarzynski, Ph.D., M.P.H., joined the Biostatistics Branch (BB) as a Cancer Prevention Fellow in November 2018. He holds an M.P.H. in epidemiologic and biostatistical methods for public...

  7. Kenneth Joseph Wilkins

  8. Yuriy Gusev

  9. Lee Cooper