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  1. Mohammad Alodadi

    A Bioinformatics Data Scientist with a PhD in Data Science, specializing in developing NLP/AI models for the biomedical domain. I work at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research,...

  2. Edward Bruce Kline

  3. Talayeh Razzaghi

    Talayeh Razzaghi is an assistant professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. She received her PhD in industrial engineering from the University of...

  4. Kenneth Joseph Wilkins

  5. Nano, - A Nature Research Solution

    27 Feb 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Prathik Roy known as Nano is a non-journal type product under the Nature Research portfolio. It aims to provide highly indexed and structured information related to nanomaterials derived from peer-reviewed journals. These include composition, synthesis, properties, characterization methods...

  6. Yuriy Gusev

  7. May 04 2015

    International Summit on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining

  8. Nina Jeliazkova