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Evaluation Environment for Digital and Analog pathology

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Version 1.0 - published on 17 May 2018

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eeDAP is a software and hardware platform for designing and executing digital and analog pathology studies where evaluation regions of interest (ROIs) in the digital image are registered to the real-time view on the microscope. This registration allows for the reduction or elimination of a large source of variability in comparing these modalities in the hands of the pathologist: the field of view (the tissue) being evaluated. In fact, the current registration precision of eeDAP allows for the presentation of the same individual cell in both domains. As such, a study can be designed where pathologists are asked to evaluate a pre-selected list of individual cells in Digital mode and Microscope real-time mode (MicroRT mode). eeDAP collects the pathologist evaluations while cycling through the list of cells. In Digital mode, the pathologist can enter the evaluations himself or herself. In MicroRT mode, an administrator enters the evaluations while confirming and maintaining a high level of registration precision. The paired observations allow for comparisons of WSI and traditional optical microscopy using several forms of agreement or performance when a reference standard can be established.

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