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  1. Design and Applications of the CEINT Database

    10 Sep 2014 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Sandra Karcher, Yuan Tian

    Nano WG presentation September 4, 2014Post-doctoral research associates Dr. Sandra Karcher and Dr. Yuan Tian, Duke University

  2. Development and Application of MRI & PET Methods for Predicting Therapeutic Response of Breast Cancers During Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

    30 Apr 2014 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Xia Li, Lori R. Arlinghaus, Richard G. Abramson, A. Bapsi Chakravarthy, Vandana G. Abramson, Jaime Farley, Hakmook Kang, Jason Williams, Melinda Sanders, Thomas E. Yankeelov

    Overall goal:Provide the breast cancer community with acquisition & analysis tools for: integration of PET and MRI data, and early predictive indices of NAC.

  3. Development of natural language processing tools for nanoparticle design

    05 Mar 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Nastassja Lewinski

    Nano WG February 28, 2019: In this presentation, an introduction to the application of natural language processing techniques to nanotechnology data will be discussed.  Natural language processing tools can aid in the automatic categorization, extraction, and analysis of data from...

  4. Development of Targeted Nanomedicines via Machine Learning Processes

    05 Mar 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Daniel Heller

    Nano WG February 21, 2019Description: We are using data science to facilitate the development of nanoparticle drugs incorporating kinase inhibitors with diverse chemical structures. Doing this work inspired us to bring together the nanoinformatics community...

  5. DICOM WG 30 - Presentation by inviCRO

    15 Jan 2015 | Presentations

    Presentation by Bill Cupelo of inviCRO's approach to capture and management of small animal imaging data.

  6. Diffusion Comparator

    07 Oct 2013 | Tools | Contributor(s): John Evans, Karl Helmer, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer

    Compare diffusion tensor scalar measurements using different backends.

  7. Dissolution as a Paradigm in Regulating Nanomaterials

    16 Aug 2017 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Frederick C. Klaessig

    Nano WG presentation, August 10, 2017 Themes: • Dissolution as a decision criterion • Analogies to ζ-potential & VSSA • Relation to nanoform & nanoscale form • Dissolution kinetics and artifacts • ASTM particle ontology & Nanoinformatics Roadmap...

  8. Drug Selection of γδ T cells using miRNA target sequences

    18 Aug 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Rosa Maria Santana Carrero

    Gamma delta T cells constitute a small subset of circulating T lymphocytes in peripheral blood, and recognize antigens in an MHC-independent manner through their γδ T cell receptor. We sought to selectively expand ablatable γδ T cells using an inducible suicide switch,...

  9. DWIConvert

    04 Mar 2015 | External Applications | Contributor(s): Vince Magnotta, Hans Johnson, Joy Matsui, Kent Williams, Mark Scully, Xiaodong Tao

    Converts diffusion weighted MR images in dicom series into Nrrd format for analysis in Slicer. This program has been tested on only a limited subset of DTI dicom formats available from Siemens, GE, and Phillips scanners. Work in progress to support dicom multi-frame data. The program parses dicom...

  10. Early Career Investigator Day Resources

    19 Apr 2022 | External Applications | Contributor(s): Sudha Sivaram

    Please see the link below for resources related to the Inaugural Early Career Investigator day.  This session shared research career development guidance and experiences and was developed with the help of a steering committee consisting of nominees from the NCI D43...

  11. Economic Costs of Cancer Health Disparities Report

    26 Jul 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): CRCHD

    Identify methodological and philosophical issues involved in filling the gap in our understanding of the economic costs of cancer health disparities from these proceedings and recommendations

  12. eeDAP cloud

    17 May 2018 | Tools | Contributor(s): Qi Gong, Brandon D. Gallas

    Evaluation Environment for Digital and Analog pathology

  13. Emerging Issues Briefs

    14 Nov 2016 | Publications

    Each quarter, the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration, in partnership with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, publishes an "Emerging Issues Brief." These briefs are intended to review a misunderstood, controversial, emerging, or otherwise "hot"...

  14. Emerging Issues Briefs

    28 Nov 2017 | Teaching Materials

     The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center works collaboratively with the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration to publish Emerging Issues Briefs about hot topics or unresolved issues along the cancer continuum. These briefs are intended to educate public health...

  15. eNanoMapper Database, Search Tools and Templates

    23 Nov 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Nina Jeliazkova

    Nano WG presentation, November 17, 2016

  16. eNanoMapper Ontology

    14 Dec 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Linda Rieswijk

    Nano WG December 7, 2016 presentation by Linda Rieswijk (Maastricht University).Additional relevant links not included in the presentation:Tools to convert e.g. excel files into the enanomapper RDF format here

  17. Environmental Consequences of Nanotechnologies

    11 Sep 2014 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Jeffrey Steevens, Alan Kennedy, Jessica Coleman, Zach Collier, Aimee Poda, Charles Weiss, Mark Widder, Jonathan Stallings, Robert Moser

    Jeffery A Steevens, Senior ScientistAlan Kennedy, Jessica Coleman, Zach Collier, Robert Moser, Aimee Poda, Charles WeissUS Army ERDCMark Widder and MAJ Jonathan StallingsUS Army Center for Environmental Health ResearchPresentation to NCI - Nanotechnology Working Group 11 September 2014

  18. ErbB family expression in osteosarcoma

    18 Aug 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Viviana Vidal Anaya

    Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common bone malignancy among children and teenagers. Currently the gold standard treatment is surgery and chemotherapy; however the 5 year survival for these patients remains 60 to 70%. There has being tremendous interest in identifying markers of prognostic and...

  19. European Chemical Agency's work to implement REACH regulation for nanomaterials

    04 May 2017 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Frank Le Curieux

    Nano WG presentation on May 4, 2017.  REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation (& restriction) of Chemicals aims to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment while enhancing competitiveness and innovation. Nano materials are covered by...

  20. European Open Science Cloud: Concept and opportunities

    26 Mar 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Gergely Sipos

    EOSC-hub is a 33 million Euro H2020 project that started in January 2018 with the involvement of over 100 institutes. In three years the project establishes the first elements of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) – the infrastructure aimed to accelerate and support the current...