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Visual representation of my DRAFT "phase/state model"

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·         I strongly believe that having a phase/state model (even if it ends up looking totally different than the way I’ve envisioned it) is essential.  It will allow us to…
o   Map the detailed workflow steps to the appropriate phase/state.
o   Design reports/dashboards.
o   Serve as a communications tool for user training.
·         I do not expect DCEG to be able to understand this in the absence of a discussion, so it is by no means a stand-alone artifact.
·         Feel free to share your feedback with me via email, but I will be out of the office tomorrow.  Geoffrey and I have talked through it, so he will be available to talk you through it/answer questions in my absence.  (He will be teleworking, so please reach out to him via email or phone.)
·         I would like to “finalize” the DRAFT by COB Monday in preparation for our meeting with DCEG on Tuesday at 3pm, so please submit your feedback NLT noon on Monday.