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Vanderbilt Single-cell motility data

By Vito Quaranta1, Shawn Garbett1, Jonathan Bistline2

1. Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2. Broad Institute

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All epithelial-derived cell lines (MCF10A, AT1, and CA1d) were plated on laminin-332, and incubated under either "mild" or "harsh" microenvironmental conditions (full tissue culture media vs. deprived media (-fetal bovine serum, -EGF), respectively). Single-cell motility was tracked for 4 hours, with images being taken via bright field microscopy every 5 minutes. There are nineteen (19) files in this study:

1-4. Cell Motility raw measures (071218+quantitation2.xls to 080313+quantitation2.xls)
        Raw measures from Metamorph (includes image name, x,y coordinates, distance traveled, velocity summary', etc), These spreadsheetrs contains all the POOLED, AVERAGE data for each cell type/substrate/condition for that day.

5-10. Cell motility movies (*.mov)
         Images/movies can be assessed for various parameters, including:  single-cell speed, surface area, turn angle distribution, persistence, dynamic expansion /contraction cell activity (DECCA), etc.

11-19.  Sample Annotation (*.xml, cell_motility_sample_annotation.txt, Vanderbilt_single_cell_motility_video_link_annotation.txt)

These datasets have been exported from the Broad Institute's ICBP Data & Analysis Portal.


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