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Tufts Gene Expression Data for Low Dose Radiation Experiments

By Lynn Hlatky1, Edward Rietman1, Jonathan Bistline2

1. St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center/Tufts University 2. Broad Institute



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Expression signatures from low dose radiation exposure of various types of tissues. There are eight (8) files in this study:

1-7. Gene expression of cell lines exposed to low-dose radiation ( to

8. Sample Annotation (ICBP_Data_Upload_Samples.xlsx)
    Sample annotation files for the idat gene expression files.

These datasets have been exported from the Broad Institute's ICBP Data & Analysis Portal.

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  • Lynn Hlatky; Edward Rietman; Jonathan Bistline (2014), "Tufts Gene Expression Data for Low Dose Radiation Experiments,"

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