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OSU/IU ICBP50 integrative genomic data

By Yunlong Liu1, Jonathan Bistline2

1. Indiana University 2. Broad Institute



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Multi-domain assays of genome-wide DNA methylation and histone modification patterns in MCF7 and OHT drug resistant cells.  Data are produced at LBNL and the OSU, provided from Indiana University School of Medicine (Yunlong Liu).  There are eighteen (18) datasets in this study:

  1. MeDIP-chip data (medip-chip.h5)

  2. Gene expression data (geneexp.h5)

  3. Copy number variation data (copynumber.h5)

  4. Sample Annotation (icbp_sample_annotation.txt)

  5-18.  Histone modification data (*.realign.txt.gz)
            Histone modification data for H3K27Me3, H3K4Me2, and H3K9Me2 marks in MCF10A and MCF7 cell lines.

These datasets have been exported from the Broad Institute's ICBP Data & Analysis Portal.

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  • Yunlong Liu; Jonathan Bistline (2014), "OSU/IU ICBP50 integrative genomic data,"

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