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Tips for creating Standards Group Pages

By Denise Warzel

National Cancer Institute

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The Standards Portal offers a way to organize dsicussions and resources related to a set of standards. The organizing construct can be either a community interested in sharing data or using common tools, or by a particular type of standard, for example demographics or biomarkers.

An example of a Standards Portal organized for a community sharing data: TCGA Data Elements
An example of a Standards Portal organized by topic/category: Performance Status Scoring

The portal is a place to share and discuss data elements, forms, vocabulary or other standards, much like a wik, but the NCI Standards Portal has a capabiity to allow caDSR CDEs and CRFs to be imported to make it easier to find, share and evolve them with community participation.

A special capability called a "Dataview" is available where CDEs and CRFs downloaded from caDSR as XML can be imported into predefined 'views' of the element, making it easy to browse, download, discuss and evolve the content.

An example of a Dataview for TCGA CDEs: View core CDE fields
An example of a Dataview for Adverse Events CRFs: View core CRF fields

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