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Computerized Quantitative Imaging Assessment of Tumor Burden

By Daniel L. Rubin1, Sandy Napel1, Edward Graves1, Andrew Quon1, George Fisher1, Martin O'Connor1, Debra Willrett1, Andrew Evans1

1. Department of Radiology and Medicine (Biomedical Informatics Research), Stanford University

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We are developing a software framework built on caBIG technologies to standardize quantitative imaging assessment of tumor burden and to enable researchers to integrate and analyze a spectrum of quantitative imaging biomarkers to leverage quantitative imaging to better enable assessment of cancer and its treatment response. Our aims are (1) to create tools to reproducibly assess quantitative imaging features of tumor burden; (2) to develop methods to analyze quantitative image metadata and to help oncologists evaluate image-based quantitative criteria of treatment response; and (3) to evaluate the utility of our methods by applying them in two clinical trials and showing an improvement in response assessment in individual patients and patient cohorts.

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  • Daniel L. Rubin; Sandy Napel; Edward Graves; Andrew Quon; George Fisher; Martin O'Connor; Debra Willrett; Andrew Evans (2014), "Computerized Quantitative Imaging Assessment of Tumor Burden,"

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