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By Robert Gillies1, Robert Gatenby2, Dmitry Goldgof3, Philippe Lambin4, Yoganand Balagurunathan5, Yuhua Gu5, Olya Grove5, Hua Wang5, Lawrence Hall3, Matthew Schabath5, Jhanelle Gray5, Eduardo Moros5, Thomas Dilling5, Jongphil Kim5, Anders Berglund5, Steven Eschrich5, Gregory Bloom5, John Heine5, Andre Dekker4, Hugo Aerts4, Emmanuel Rios4

1. Moffitt Cancer Center, PI 2. Moffitt Cancer Center, Co-PI 3. University of South Florida 4. Maastro Clinic (Netherlands) 5. Moffitt Cancer Center

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  • Robert Gillies; Robert Gatenby; Dmitry Goldgof; Philippe Lambin; Yoganand Balagurunathan; Yuhua Gu; Olya Grove; Hua Wang; Lawrence Hall; Matthew Schabath; Jhanelle Gray; Eduardo Moros; Thomas Dilling; Jongphil Kim; Anders Berglund; Steven Eschrich; Gregory Bloom; John Heine; Andre Dekker; Hugo Aerts; Emmanuel Rios (2014), "RADIOMICS ON LUNG CANCER,"

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