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HPV Vaccine Monologue Video and Digital Toolkit

By Veronica Landa1, Maria L Jibaja-Weiss1

1. Baylor College of Medicine



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The Office of Outreach and Health Disparities (OOHD) at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine has developed a Theater Outreach Program consisting of culturally and linguistically tailored plays and monologues that educate medically underserved minority populations in Harris County, Texas about the importance of screening for preventable cancers. Community theater performances are an effective tool to communicate health messages to these populations. The plays and monologues are written by professional playwrights and performed by professional actors. They are developed in collaboration with clinical and community advisory boards.

"Se Acabaron Las Vacaciones" is a Spanish language HPV vaccination awareness drama. As part of our Theater Outreach Program this monologue aims to provide information to Spanish speaking parents of adolescent children about preventing cancer with HPV Vaccination. This monologue has been videotaped and posted to the OOHD website and the Baylor College of Medicine YouTube channel for use by the general public.

With the help of the HPV Vaccine Monologue Digital Toolkit the OOHD hopes that different organizations will be able to educate groups of Spanish speaking parents of adolescent children about the risks of HPV infection and the benefits of vaccination to prevent cancer. This toolkit aims to provide guidance and resources for those who wish to view the video-recorded version of the monologue and/or those interested in hosting an event to present the video-recorded monologue to a group.

Synopsis: Clara is nurse and a mother. During her vacation she learned that the HPV Vaccine can protect against HPV and the diseases it causes, including some types of cancer! Since the vaccine is most effective when given to adolescent children ages 11-12, she wants to make sure her friends understand the importance of getting their children vaccinated before seventh grade-- at the same time they get other vaccines required for school. She'll be sure to share the information during the Back to School event planning meeting. Of course she won’t leave out details about her exciting excursions and adventures in Miami. For more information about this and other Theater Outreach Program videos and to download the toolkit that goes with this video please visit:



Office of Outreach and Health Disparities: Roshanda Chenier, Ivan Valverde, Glori Chauca, Allison Rosen

Playwright: Sandra Pari, Baracomunicaciones

Actress: Vanessa Alanis

Videography: Rob Dickehuth, Randy Jackson

P30 Supplement HPV Community and Clinical Advisory Boards

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