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Data Sharing and the Electronic NanoBook (eNanobook)

By Alexander Tropsha1, Fred Prior2

1. UNC 2. UAMS

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Sustainable research progress in many if not all scientific disciplines critically depends on the existence of robust specialized databases that integrate and structure all available experimental information in the respective fields. The need for such reference databases is especially critical for nanomaterials used in cancer research given both the growing significance of nanomedicine and the significant diversity of shapes, sizes, and properties. Similar challenges exist in processing, storing, and exploiting medical images, which are increasingly used for in vivo characterization of nanoparticles and to study the effects of nanomaterials used in imaging agents or as therapeutics. The need in accumulating, storing and sharing information in the cancer nanotechnology field has led to the establishment of two major research databases, the Nanomaterial Registry (NR) that includes data on nanoparticle characterization and The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) that includes data on nanoparticles used in imaging studies.  Building off the previous work of research groups involved in the development of these major data repositories, we propose a collaborative development of the Electronic Nanobook (ENB) as a major research tool for scientists working in cancer research that extensively use nanomaterials and collect and deposit medical images. These two fields are chosen due to their significance to cancer research and the commonality of technical problems related to data collection, curation, organization, deposition, modeling, and dissemination. ENB will possess substantially expanded quality and usability of data, affiliated knowledge discovery tools for exploring and modeling the unique data toward designing novel and safe drugs (nanomaterials) using the wisdom of models.

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