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Pump data

By Prasanna Hariharan

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PROJECT HOME    PUMP(round robin2)  FDALink

Computational Round Robin #2 was an international effort to assess the state of the art in biomedical computational fluid dynamics. The subject of Interlaboratory Study 2 is a simplified centrifugal blood pump. We built acrylic versions of these pumps, and performed particle image velocimetry experiments to characterize the flow fields in the pump. We also performed blood damage experiments, as well as pump performance (H-Q) tests. Details of the experimental data is provided in the links below.


All dataset is stored in a .xls format. The excel work sheet has velocity magnitude data and the corresponding X/Y/Z coordinates for each 2D plane. The X/Y/Z coordinates should match with the CAD and CFD geometry coordinates

Condition 1:  2.5 lpm and 2500 rpm              Condition 2:  2.5 lpm and 3500 rpm       

Condition 3:   4.5 lpm and 3500 rpm             Condition 4:  6 lpm and 2500 rpm

Condition 5:   6 lpm and 3500 rpm                Condition 6:  7 lpm and 3500 rpm


Location name Location picture    


Blade Passage plane

(First quadrant)

Condition 1      Condition 2

Condition 3       Condition 4

Condition 5       Condition 6

Cut water region

Condition 1      Condition 2

Condition 3       Condition 4

Condition 5       Condition 6

Diffuser region

Condition 1      Condition 2

Condition 3       Condition 4

Condition 5       Condition 6


Please contact if you have trouble accessing the dataset 


05/10/2017:  Datasets for Condition#4 was uploaded to the website. Additional datasets for other cross-sections will be added in the future

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