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Taiwan's nanoMark system and related activities

By Mike Yao

ITRI, Taiwan

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Nano WG Weekly Meeting October 20, 2016

Presentation by Dr. Mike Yao, Deputy manager, Center for Measurement Standards, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan

While the US and EU were struggled with the definition of "nano", the Taiwanese government in 2004, announced  Taiwan's Nano Mark System, the world's first government-established system for certifying that nanoproducts are what their manufacturers say they are.

In the past decade, the leader of the Nano Mark, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), has conducted a series of nanoparticle characterization and testing on commercial nanoproducts, ,with several international inter-laboratory studies (ILS) in Asia Nano Forum (ANF) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). How can all these be done, and what are the outcomes, given there are still unsettled technical problems and cultural barriers in standardizing nano-terminologies, protocols, and data/metadata? How much science do we need to proceed regulation? This talk will provide the technical and socio-economic aspects of nanomaterial characterization and regulation from the Asian perspective.

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