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Nanomaterial-Biological Interactions Knowledgebase

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Nano WG January 14, 2016

The NBI Knowledgebase is intended to offer industry, academia, the general public, and regulatory agencies a mechanism to rationally inquire for unbiased interpretation of nanomaterial exposure effects in biological systems.

The knowledgebase serves as a repository for annotated data on nanomaterial characterization (purity, size, shape, charge, composition, functionalization, agglomeration state), synthesis methods, and nanomaterial-biological interactions (beneficial, benign or deleterious) defined at multiple levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal). Computational and data mining tools are currently being developed and incorporated into the NBI to provide a logical framework to conduct species, route, dose, and scenario extrapolations and identify key data required to predict the biological interactions of nanomaterials.

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