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The materials attached to this page were provided by Baris Suzek, who at the time was the Informatics Project Lead at the Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He conducted a study for the caBIG VCDE community to help clarify some of the requirements and use cases around simplifying use and sharing of standards. Many, many thanks to Baris.

Click on the Download button for a presentation; click on Supporting Docs for additional materials. These documents investigate and analyze the use of a Standards Portal at the Hub to serve the needs of research communities:

Search and discover standards drill-down, explore, compare, link back to NCI source data, surface relationships
Search for information about standards learn from community experiences and knowledge
Contribute resources for standards leverage existing work, contribute experiences with process/tools, advertise domain models, present examples
Discuss and collaborate about standards use the discussion forum
Evolve standards use "wish list" requests
Contribute and share standards upload from caDSR to the portal so standards that are important to you can be searched and explored through dataviews in the portal environment -- and where they can also be linked to community-contributed resources.

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