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Standards Portal Vocabulary DataView

By Sherri de Coronado1, Denise Warzel2, Ann Christine Catlin, Sumudinie fernando

1. NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology 2. National Cancer Institute

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The DataView for terminology referenced/used by the CDEs and CRFs currently contained in the Standards Portal

The DataView on this resource page can be used to browse, search, explore and download the NCI concepts for vocabulary referenced by the CDEs and CRFs uploaded to the Standards Portal. Collections of CDEs and CRFs are assembled by authorized groups who export them from the NCI Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository for discovery, clarification and usage via the Standards Portal.

CDEs contain concepts from one or more of the terminologies available from NCI's Terminology Server, including the NCI Thesaurus, LOINC, CTCAE, SNOMED, MedDRA, GO and other commonly used terminologies in cancer research. These concepts are linked to parts of the data element to define both its meaning and the meaning of the data values that represent instances of the data element. When CDEs are used to construct Questions on caDSR Forms, the concepts associated with each valid answer choice are copied from the CDE to the form, so both of uploaded CDEs and CRFs contain concept information that is automatically inclusion in this vocabulary DataView.

In the pilot period, this DataView contains one row for each concept, and a column summarizing its use as part of a caDSR CDE's Object Class, Property or Representation term. Use of the concept as the meaning of a data value is not included in the DataView at this time.

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