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Pathology Image Informatics Platform for visualization, analysis and management

By Metin Gurcan1, Anant Madabhushi2, Anne Martel3

1. Ohio State University 2. Case Western Reserve University 3. University of Toronto

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This multi-institutional proposal seeks to expand on an existing, freely available pathology image viewer (Sedeen Image Viewer) to create a pathology informatics platform (PIIP) for managing, annotating, sharing, and quantitatively analyzing digital Pathology Imaging (DPI) data. Sedeen has become an application for cropping large DPIs so that they can be input into programs such as Matlab or ImageJ. Sedeen has been freely available to the public for three years, with over 160 unique users from over 20 countries. Building on the initial successes of Sedeen and its existing user base, our intent is to massively increase dissemination of DPI and algorithms in the cancer research community and clinical trial efforts, as well as to contribute towards the adoption of a rational and standardized set of DP operational conventions. PIIP will provide capabilities for accessing, archiving, annotating, visualizing, sharing, and quantitatively analyzing cancer related digital pathology (DP) image (DPI) data. Specific aims are  to (1) develop of an improved plugin framework for the existing Sedeen viewer, (2) incorporate and evaluate quantitative image analysis algorithms previously developed in the context of DPI as plugins within the PIIP by taking into account a limited but commonly used development-platforms and languages, (3) add image archiving, management and sharing functionality to the platform and create image repositories for two different use cases, (4) perform on site deployment and evaluation of PIIP across multiple clinical, research sites using a field- proven consortia framework.


Mervi Heiskanen

National Cancer Institute