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TCGA Common Data Elements

By Ann Christine Catlin, Sumudinie fernando, Denise Warzel1

1. National Cancer Institute

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TCGA Common Data Elements

TCGA version 2.6 CDEs are the standard elements that were used in validation of clinical data in the TCGA 2.6 data files. The data files are available for download at the Data Matrix. This resource page at the NCIP HUB presents the CDEs for easy search and discovery. Materials are provided here to clarify the CDEs and describe best practices for adopting them.

This is an interactive site, where you can review and rate

  • the CDE standards
  • materials about best practices and their adoption and usage
  • our support for you here at the Standards Portal

Discover what you need for your research

Explore the CDEs with DataViews. Find users and tools. See what other researchers are doing.


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