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Apple Pectin Benefits for Cats


Apples have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Hippocrates documented the use of apples, and apple cider vinegar, for a variety of medical treatments and as a preventative measure against various health issues.

Pectin has also been widely used as an ingredient in jams and jellies. It is used as the "jelling" agent and was first isolated as an ingredient in the 1820s.


Apple pectin supplements are available in a variety of forms. Pectin can be purchased as a powder, capsules, tablets and juice. Raw apples are the most natural source of pectin. Apple cider vinegar is also a good source of pectin.


Apple pectin fights bad cholesterol and regulates intestinal function. It is a natural source of fiber and therefore is used as an anti-diarrhea supplement. Pectin has also been used to fight diabetes and cancer. It is an anti-oxidant. Regular use of apple pectin is thought to help the body remove traces of mercury, lead and other heavy metals found in the water supply, food and as pollutants in the air. Pectin may also be suggested to absorb ingested poison. It can be used to treat stomach ailments and discomfort.


Pectin is water soluble and can easily be mixed in with your cat's food or water. Follow dosage recommendations found on the supplement labels. Consult your veterinarian for the dosage appropriate for your cat. Do not miss any recommended dosages and try to supply the treatment at the same time every day.


Consult your veterinarian prior to beginning any treatment. This is especially important if you cat is on any other type of medication. Lincomycin and digoxin are two prescription drugs which may react to some over the counter products containing pectin.

Read labels carefully and purchase supplements from a reliable source. Natural supplements are not as regulated as prescription medications..

If using pectin as a diarrhea treatment, contact your veterinarian is the diarrhea persists.

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