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  1. Adult Immunizations - Are You Up to Date?

    Parents routinely have their children immunized. Yet, they themselves may lack proper immunization and may get sick of the very same diseases they are trying to protect their children from. In fact many adults don't realize that immunizations wear off, essentially have an expiration date, and...

  2. Apple Pectin Benefits for Cats

    History Apples have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Hippocrates documented the use of apples, and apple cider vinegar, for a variety of medical treatments and as a preventative measure against various health issues. Pectin has also been widely used as an ingredient in jams and...

  3. Another Life Lost to the Fentanyl Pain Patch

    FDA Must Take More Than a Mere “watchdog” Stance John Richard High was a great man. He was intelligent, witty, honest, loving, kind, compassionate... and he always had a word of comfort or ready smile for those he loved. His was not an easy life; he had struggled and had made his...