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    University of Puerto Rico

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     Mirza Rivera is an Adjunct Professor and Senior Evaluator of the Center of Evaluation and Sociomedical Research at UPR Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH).  She has experience in evaluating, managing and supervising research projects from conception to completion.  She has conducted several evaluation studies for government, educational institutions, and community-based organization in Puerto Rico. Currently, Mrs. Rivera is leading all the evaluation efforts in the Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs and its coalitions.  Also, she is co-leading the evaluation team of a NIH-U54 funded project: UPR/MD Anderson Cancer Center Partnership for Excellence in Cancer Research.  Also, she collaborates with the academic faculty of the Research Evaluation for Health System Master Program, mentoring and teaching students through their research projects. Her research interests and expertise are in qualitative and quantitative research methods, program development and evaluation, capacity building, technical assistance, prevention and public health preparedness programs and cancer control interventions, among others. In summary, she has a demonstrated a record of successful and productive research projects in an area of high relevance for prevention and early detection program with cancer control.