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Adding links in your content on NCIhub

When adding internal links on NCIhub, we often default in using the full URL with "". However you can point to content on NCIhub without the full URL.

Benefits include:

  • Links to content stay persistent - especially if NCIhub changes its certificate.
  • Simplifies links 

To add links in NCIhub content, the NCIhub support team recommends following these steps:

  1. In the body of your content, select the text you want to hyperlink or add in the link
  2. Click on the "Link" button and add in the internal URL starting with "/" by removing ""from the URL. 
  3. The protocol will change to "<other>" which identifies the link as an internal URL. 
  4. Click "OK" to save your internal URL

Adding a link pop-up












By removing "" from the URL, the links you embed that point to your projects, groups, wikis, or other files on the NCIhub will remain persistent through any certificate or community hub identity changes.

If you have any questions or experience an issue, please open a ticket with the NCIhub support team at Support.

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