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How do I filter NCIPhub emails?

There are several ways that you can filter emails from the Hub depending on where those emails are coming from.

If you are wanting to filter emails from a specific group, such as emails from a group forum, you can navigate to that group and click on the Forum tab. On the forum main page there is a section on the right that says "Email Settings". Click on the blue link labeled "Change your settings" and from the pop-up determine if you want your forum notifications emails to be delivered to you as an email digest (meaning all emails emailed in a clustered email delivered once a day, week, etc.).

If you are wanting to filter out emails from all over NCIPhub (such as projects, support, publications, etc.). Navigate to your user dashboard by clicking on your name in the upper corner of any NCIPhub page. From there click the "Messages" tab and then locate the "Settings" tab on the main Messages page and click on "Settings". You will be taken to a page that breaks down all the areas of NCIPhub that you could be emailed about. You can uncheck the areas that you do not want to be emailed about and manage your emailed content there. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the list once you are done making changes.


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