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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

Webinar on color calibration issues

Upcoming webinar on color calibration issues

  • Dec. 13, at 10am EST
  • Speakers: Emily Clarke and Craig Revie
  • This blog item will be updated with talk titles, abstracts, and webinar information

Whole Slide Image Working Group webinar series: focus on color calibration


Dear all, I would like to announce our next Whole Slide Image Working Group webinar which will be held on Dec 13, 2017, between 10-11am EST and will focus on Color Calibration for whole slide imaging systems.

The webinar will include the following two presentations:

  • Sierra Calibration Slide,  by W Craig Revie, Ph.D., FFEI Limited
  • Colour Calibration in Digital Pathology: The Clinical Impact of a Novel Color Calibration Slide, by Emily Clarke, M.D., Univ of Leeds/Leeds Teaching Hospital

 The Abstracts for the presentations as well as WebEx connection information are shown below. 


Looking forward to your attendance for this webinar,

Marios A Gavrielides, Ph.D., OSEL/CDRH/FDA

WSI WG Organizing Committee


  1. Sierra calibration slide

W Craig Revie, FFEI Limited


In digital microscopes and whole slide imaging systems, images of slides are captured, transmitted and reproduced on a computer display. In order to allow pathologists to interpret these images accurately and efficiently it is important that colours from the slides are displayed in a consistent and reliable fashion.

The final colour of the image presented to the viewing pathologist depends on several steps through the imaging pathway, including sample illumination, magnification, image capture, compression, storage, and reproduction on the computer display. There are many possible system designs and, within a single system, different setup options which can affect the final image leading to significant variation in image appearances.

This paper will discuss the challenges encountered in the development of a suitable colour target that includes a set of patches with spectra similar to those encountered when viewing pathology slides with stained tissue samples. This is known as the Sierra slide and is expected to be available commercially in the first half of 2018.


  1. Colour Calibration in Digital Pathology: The Clinical Impact of a Novel Color Calibration Slide

Emily Clarke, M.D.,  Univ of Leeds/Leeds Teaching Hospital


Considerable color variation of whole slide images (WSIs) is introduced through the scanning process. We created a novel color calibration slide which utilizes real histopathological stains and a tissue-like substrate to minimize the effect of color variation of WSIs due to the digital slide scanner. We aimed to evaluate its clinical application. Objectives included: 1. Whether calibration made WSIs appear closer in color to the glass slide counterpart, 2. Whether pathologists prefer calibrated WSIs and, 3. Whether calibration affected diagnostic confidence.

Six tissue WSIs were generated and calibrated using a color profile created with the color calibration slide. Twelve pathologists, blinded to intervention, compared calibrated and uncalibrated WSIs on a color calibrated medical grade display and recorded their results on a 7-point Likert scale. 

Calibrated WSIs were closer in appearance to the microscope in 40 of 72 trials, (56%) and were preferred in 46 of 72 trials (64%). The recorded diagnostic confidence was higher for color calibrated slides; none of the pathologists recorded that color calibration reduced their diagnostic confidence.

This study suggests that color calibrated WSIs using the novel color calibration slide may be preferable to pathologists and may also beneficially increase diagnostic confidence. Further research will investigate the impact of color calibration on diagnosis.


Web-Ex connection info:


Marios Gavrielides invites you to attend this online meeting.

Topic: WSI WG Webinar on Color Calibration
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Time: 10:00 am, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
Meeting Number: 742 999 427
Meeting Password: 1234

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