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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

Planning for Pathology Informatics 2017 WSIWG workshop- May 21, 2017

Dear all, as you know we are getting closer to the Pathology Informatics conference and our 4th WSI workshop which gets the conference started.  A big component of the workshop this year will be updates related to eeDAP and its qualification as a Medical Device Development Tool (MDDT).  As you may recall from his announcements to this group (LINK), Brandon has been working with a few groups (WSIWG members), to conduct eeDAP studies where pathologists can review fields of view co-registered between the microscope and digital view. The studies will provide evidence to support the MDDT qualification of eeDAP. Additionally, the collaboration is developing methods to assess the technical performance of eeDAP in terms of accuracy and precision of the eeDAP co-registration process and color reproduction. 

In addition to updates on the eeDAP MDDT qualification,, we would like to ask the WSIWG members if they are interested in presenting any work that relates to WSI evaluation and would be relevant to this group.  Topics may include, and are not limited to, the following:

·         updates on the development of phantoms for the assessment of WSI technical properties such as focus, resolution or color

·         updates or completed work on WSI-related evaluation projects

·         shared resources (data, software) related to WSI evaluation

·         proposals for collaborative projects between members of this group on WSI-related research


A format that worked very well previously included presentations followed by reviewers for each presentation that were preselected to provide feedback or expand on those presentations.  This year we would like to do something similar. 


So, please let me know ( ), preferably by May 8, if you are interested: a) to present to the group, or b) to review/expand on a presentation.  The committee will select presentations, match presenters/reviewers, and finalize the agenda of the workshop by May 12, so it can be posted early on the conference website.


We will definitely appreciate your effort in making this an informative workshop that can form the basis for future collaborations and exchange of ideas related to WSI evaluation.


Thanks in advance,

Marios Gavrielides (on behalf of the WSI WG organizing committee

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